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Thanks for stopping by. This service started out a few years back as RaysLays, under the auspices of Steve Davidson at winningmore.com. It uses data mining techniques I’ve developed myself to search out profitable angles in horse racing.

As I reached the point where I wanted to expand the original service into other areas, I’ve now set up my own website.


RaysLays Laying Service

 This is our original service. In its first season it more than doubled the starting betting bank over the course of a year. 



The service has received favourable reviews from several well known gambling review sites, including :


More Money Review (now Betting Rant) recommended

In an interview with Betting Rant, More Money Review’s long-term betting reviewer Peter Phillipson, when posed the question “what’s the best service you’ve reviewed?“, actually mentioned RaysLays in his response


We are also a Cash Master Approved Service



Risking a modest 5% of the bank on each selection, the betting bank has doubled during the course of 2017, and that’s taking into account full Betfair commission at 5%, and using Betfair Starting Price to measure profit and loss. With a tiny bit of work, for example laying horses earlier that were on the drift, you’d have done considerably better.

We generally make most of our money during the National Hunt season, so now is a great time to join.

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